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For specialists, GPs and allied health

PrimaryClinic Practice and Medical software is used by Australian healthcare providers across the country.

We provide software solutions for

General Practitioners
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We make your point-of-care tasks efficient so that you can focus on effective treatment for your patients.

General Practitioners
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A fully featured practice and clinical management system to support specialists in a wide range of medical specialisations.

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Allied Health
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Flexibility in practice management and complex functionalities required for better patient outcomes.

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A fully featured Practice and Medical Management System

Practice & Medical Management Software Systems for GPs, specialists and allied health

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Creating an efficient practice workflow and delivering better patient outcomes.

  • Our medical software and practice management software shares the same patient demographic so there are no synchronisation errors
  • Supports both Work Cover and TAC billing in addition to Medicare, DVA and Private Health Insurers, In-patient Medical Claims (IMC) and Overseas Claims (OVS)
  • The accuracy of using electronic referrals means higher quality referrals that improve risk management, patient service and increase productivity gains
  • Access clinical notes, Secure Messaging, prescription writing with MIMS and customisable templates

We Integrate With

Integrates with Medicare
Integrates with My Health Record
Integrates with Xero
Integrates with Tyro
Integrates with MIMS

Practice Management software

Gain access to the tools that help your team members reduce time spent on administrative tasks by improving workflow efficiency. Directly claim with Medicare, DVA, Private Health Insurers and TAC electronically. Support In-patient Medical Claims (IMC), Overseas Claims (OVS) as well as EFTPOS and Tyro payments.


Best practice administration interface

Our practice software is widely recognised as the best practice management software in Australia. Used by all types of medical centres, clinics, surgeries and health and wellness clinics throughout Australia.


Flexible online bookings

Convenient handling of multiple appointment books. Versatile appointment book to handle complex booking arrangements. Online booking integration through popular cloud add-ons to manage no-shows.


Easy billing and claiming

Simple payment and rebate process with Tyro integration. Supports Bulk billing, Medicare Online / Easyclaim, DVA online claims.


Supports all types of Healthcare Providers

Works in any environment where provider claiming is at the core. Accommodates practitioner service schedule preferences. Simplifies the task of filling appointment books.


Packed with Easy to Access features

Our desktop interface is customisable so that your desktop stays uncluttered. Integrated SMS support for patient recalls. Extensible with plenty of support for add-on products.


Integrated with PrimaryClinic Medical

Our medical software and practice management software shares the same patient demographic so there are no synchronisation errors.

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Medical software

Provide efficient and quality care with an Electronic Medical Record system. Use clinical notes, customisable templates and MIMS prescription writing for accurate communications and note recording. Fulfil digital health requirements with eReferral Secure Messaging capabilities and contribute to My Health Record.


Electronic Medical Record

Stores all your patient medical information together in one secure location. Comprehensive medical software to record allergies, symptoms, conditions, diagnoses, past health problems, referrals, reports and team care processes at the point of care.


Easy to use

This medical software is designed with users in mind. In-built support for ICPC-2 PLUS international standards for clinical terminology.


Secure Message Delivery

Easily send eReferrals, receive clinical documents and automatically link them to your patients’ records. Review health provider pathology and radiology results in an instant. ReferralNet secure messaging integrates directly with PrimaryClinic Medical.


Team Care arrangements

Produce care plan documents quickly with the GP Management plan helps to identify levels of access within PrimaryClinic Medical.


Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP)

eTP supported via MediSecure electronic prescribing. Prescribe safely with MIMS drug interaction warnings.


Integrated with PrimaryClinic Practice

Hundreds of Australian clinics rely on our practice management software for their day to day operations. Our medical software and practice management software shares the same patient demographic so there are no synchronisation errors.

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Utilise PrimaryClinic for better patient outcomes with additional add-ons


My Health Record

View, download and upload directly to your patient's My Health Record so all of their healthcare providers are up to date with their conditions.



Online claiming with support for Medicare Easy Claim. Include the ECLIPSE module for Inpatient Medical Claiming (IMC) and Online Eligibility Checking (OEC).


Secure Message Delivery

Securely and efficiently communicate with other healthcare providers from PrimaryClinic Medical system digitally.


What our clients have to say

Cockatoo Family Medical Practice

I found PrimaryClinic very efficient, simple and comfortable. Having used a number of major medical software programs, PrimaryClinic is by far the most user friendly Medical Software on the market that I have encountered. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending PrimaryClinic to all doctors as it is in my opinion, definitely superior to the rest.

Dr Frank Panetta

About 6 years ago I became interested in computerising my consultant practice, and began a search for a suitable program. However, none of the existing programs available at the time satisfied my requirements. The PrimaryClinic team was prepared to look at my requirements and in collaboration with me over several months they further developed, customised and incorporated new features into the software that, in my view make PrimaryClinic Medical an outstanding program.

Hillscene Family Medical Centre

Staff members are very helpful and patient and do attend to all calls in a timely manner. In most cases you do get prompt service.

Family Medical Practice, East Bentleigh

We appreciate the service and quality assistance given by Global Health over the years.

We have no hesitation to refer Global Health’s quality service to other practices. We give a 5-star rating to the service they provide. Thank you to Global Health for their help and support

Enrich Clinic

We like that we can upload photos, name them and modify text for photos to suit the procedure name. We like that we can send copies of photos to patients by attaching a copy of the photo easily. Finally, we like that the medical software is linked to the practice software.

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