Access PrimaryClinic anytime, anywhere, on the cloud

Cloud hosting services

We have the expertise to manage the cloud platform and we maintain the security and day-to-day operations of your software and data in Altitude.

Data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited data centre in Australia, while also remaining accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Host your PrimaryClinic solutions on the cloud and gain access to a wide variety of benefits.

Cloud management made simple

Cloud computing

99.99% Uptime

Fully managed service

Dedicated support team

Fully integrated with PrimaryClinic

Automatic database backup

Reliable disaster recovery

Hosted in a Tier 1 Australian Data Centre

No more time consuming upgrades

Accessible whenever and wherever you need

Backed by an accredited team of experts

All in a one stop shop

Protect your practice and clients’ data

Do you know if you have a breach of security or your client’s data has been compromised, it is compulsory for you to report it to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner?

Retain your client’s trust by protecting their data from hacking, ransomware and other cyber-attacks by hosting your software with Altitude Cloud. Learn more here!

Why you should use
Altitude Cloud

Our aim is to keep our customers happy and protected

We are an Australian company which hosts data securely onshore within the Australian Government’s jurisdiction. We deliver healthcare solutions with a dedicated support team and are partnered with Australia’s largest Private Cloud provider for your protection.

Altitude Cloud provides end-to-end protection to reduce sensitive data being at risk. Our partnership with Macquarie Cloud Services, Australia’s largest Private Cloud provider ensure you have the best protection to safeguard your practice on the cloud.

We comply with the Healthcare requirements for renewing e-health platform access:

  • Using sovereign onshore Australian cloud solutions (Mandatory)
  • Using a cloud provider certified by the DHS (Mandatory)
  • Using dedicated private cloud assets, not pooled resources shared in public clouds (Recommended)
  • Government NV1 security vetting for all personnel accessing sensitive data and systems (Recommended)
  • Reduces risk of misplaced or hacked files, with secure storage and messaging
  • Patient data is regularly and securely backed up to minimise the risk of losing information
  • Allows for scalability as your practice or patients grow
  • Allows for greater flexibility, as the application is easily accessible
  • Empower staff by giving them the right information at the right time to better and more quickly diagnose patients
  • Cost-effective solution with “pay-as-you-grow” agility
  • Your environment is hosted in a local data centre
  • We utilise strict protocols and encryption methods to ensure that your most valuable information remains safe
  • Your data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited Australian data centre
  • Your patients data is protected in a Tier 1 data centre
  • We comply with the Healthcare requirements for renewing e-health platform access
A Cloud Service purpose built for healthcare


What our clients have to say

Cockatoo Family Medical Practice

I found PrimaryClinic very efficient, simple and comfortable. Having used a number of major medical software programs, PrimaryClinic is by far the most user friendly Medical Software on the market that I have encountered. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending PrimaryClinic to all doctors as it is in my opinion, definitely superior to the rest.

Dr Frank Panetta

About 6 years ago I became interested in computerising my consultant practice, and began a search for a suitable program. However, none of the existing programs available at the time satisfied my requirements. The PrimaryClinic team was prepared to look at my requirements and in collaboration with me over several months they further developed, customised and incorporated new features into the software that, in my view make PrimaryClinic Medical an outstanding program.

Hillscene Family Medical Centre

Staff members are very helpful and patient and do attend to all calls in a timely manner. In most cases you do get prompt service.

Family Medical Practice, East Bentleigh

We appreciate the service and quality assistance given by Global Health over the years.

We have no hesitation to refer Global Health’s quality service to other practices. We give a 5-star rating to the service they provide. Thank you to Global Health for their help and support

Enrich Clinic

We like that we can upload photos, name them and modify text for photos to suit the procedure name. We like that we can send copies of photos to patients by attaching a copy of the photo easily. Finally, we like that the medical software is linked to the practice software.