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Access PrimaryClinic anytime, anywhere with the Altitude Cloud

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Looking to host your software on the cloud?

Host your PrimaryClinic software with the Altitude Cloud platform and let us maintain the day-to-day operations of your software and data for you.

With Altitude, Data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO27001 accredited data centre in Australia, while also remaining accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Access a variety of benefits when you host your PrimaryClinic solution on the cloud.

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Enjoy a complete cloud hosting solution

Built with practitioners in mind, our solution does the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the benefits.

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Australia based
data centre

Our data is hosted securely, onshore within the Australian Governments jurisdiction in a tier 3, ISO27001 accredited centre.

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Backed by Microsoft
Cloud Services

Our cloud services are partnered with Microsoft Cloud Services, the largest private cloud provider in Australia.

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Built to protect
your clinical data

Our hosting service is designed to protect your precious data from hacking, ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

When you switch to the Altitude Cloud

cloud computing

Cloud computing

up time

99.95% Uptime

managed service

Fully managed service

dedicated support team

Dedicated support team


Fully integrated with PrimaryClinic

data backup

Automatic database backup

disaster recovery

Reliable disaster recovery

tier 1

Hosted in a Tier 3 Australian Data Centre

time consuming

No more time consuming upgrades


Accessible whenever and wherever you need

Backed by an accredited team of experts

one service

All in a one stop shop

Why Altitude?

Altitude Cloud provides end-to-end protection to reduce sensitive data being at risk. Our partnership with Microsoft Cloud Services, Australia’s largest Private Cloud provider ensure you have the best protection to safeguard your practice on the cloud.

We comply with the Healthcare requirements for renewing e-health platform access:

  • Using sovereign onshore Australian cloud solutions (Mandatory)
  • Using a cloud provider certified by the DHS (Mandatory)
  • Using dedicated private cloud assets, not pooled resources shared in public clouds (Recommended)
  • Government NV1 security vetting for all personnel accessing sensitive data and systems (Recommended)
  • Reduces risk of misplaced or hacked files, with secure storage and messaging
  • Patient data is regularly and securely backed up to minimise the risk of losing information
  • Allows for scalability as your practice or patients grow
  • Allows for greater flexibility, as the application is easily accessible
  • Empower staff by giving them the right information at the right time to better and more quickly diagnose patients
  • Cost-effective solution with “pay-as-you-grow” agility
  • Your environment is hosted in a local data centre
  • We utilise strict protocols and encryption methods to ensure that your most valuable information remains safe
  • Your data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO27001 accredited Australian data centre
  • Your patients data is protected in a Tier 3 data centre
  • We comply with the Healthcare requirements for renewing e-health platform access

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