Frequently Asked Questions

PrimaryClinic Medical

Is it possible to import new letter templates from external sources?

Yes it is possible to import letter templates prepared in Medical Director’s RTF format.

Does PrimaryClinic Medical integrate with any secure messaging software?

Yes it integrates with ReferralNet, Argus and HealthLink, but works best with ReferralNet.
Online provider look-up/real- time address book validation is only available in PrimaryClinic Medical’s integration with ReferralNet.

Can I do Reminder/Recall via SMS?

Yes, reminders can be done in bulk within seconds.

Does PrimaryClinic Medical meet the new ePIP requirements?

Yes it ticks all the boxes. It also has a search function to help practices count the number of documents uploaded to My Health Record within a period.

Is it possible to import medical records from other clinics who are using different clinical software?

Yes it is possible to import patient medical records in XML format from Medical Director and Best Practice software.

Does PrimaryClinic Medical have a My Health Record assisted-registration tool?

Yes it does.

How often is MIMS updated?

Once a month, at the beginning of each month. We notify all customers via email and also update our website when a new MIMS issue is released.

PrimaryClinic Specialist

Does PrimaryClinic Practice support SMS reminder?

Yes. Appointment reminders can be sent in bulk within seconds, and replies can be displayed on your appointment book. Contact support to have it activated.

Can I claim online with Medicare for all service types in PrimaryClinic Practice?

Absolutely, the process to submit a claim online to Medicare is the exact same for general practitioners, specialists & allied health. Note that referral details must be provided for Medicare-eligible specialist & allied health services. Contact us via support if you need help.

Is online booking supported?

I have a new provider starting at the clinic. Can I purchase an additional license?

Of course, please fill our a support request by clicking here!

Do you provide on-site training?

Absolutely, additional charges apply for on-site training. Please contact our friendly team on +61 3 9675 0600 for more information.

I have allied health professionals in my practice, can I claim online with Medicare for them in PrimaryClinic Practice?

Absolutely. The process to submit a claim online for allied health is exactly the same as GP and specialist’s. Note that referral details must be provided for Medicare-eligible allied health services. Contact us on the support line if you need help.

What clinical software does PrimaryClinic Practice integrate with?

We also offer clinical software with PrimaryClinic Medical (Medinet). We also integrate patient details with Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie & Zedmed.

Where can I find instructions on how to use PrimaryClinic Practice?

Can I send invoices via email to patients?

Yes, once the practice’s email settings (mail server, port number, user name and password) are entered correctly under setup/global settings/email you will be able to email invoices to patients.

Can I use HICAPS to claim private patient rebates?

PrimaryClinic Practice does not integrate with HICAPS, we do however integrate with Tyro.

I want to use Tyro. How do I get started?

Contact Tyro to register and let us know once registration is completed, we will help you enable Tyro functions in PrimaryClinic Practice. Our software supports Medicare Easyclaim, integrated EFTPOS payment and allied health claim via Tyro.
Bulk bill claims can be done via Tyro or separately via Medicare Online as both Medicare Online and Tyro are enabled at the same time.

What are the business hours for support and can I get support outside of normal business hours?

Live support is available from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (AEST) excl public holidays. Support outside of these hours is classified as “after hours” support. Charges will apply for any after hours Support. Please contact our friendly team on +61 3 9675 0600 for more information.

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