PrimaryClinic GP solutions
are built with general practitioner users in mind.


We make your point-of-care tasks efficient so that you can focus on effective treatment for your patients.
Our medical software presents a familiar interface so you can start practicing within minutes. You can also tailor the look of your desktop to present only the minimum essential features readily needed for your patient treatments.

PrimaryClinic Medical software can also be streamlined for more specialised uses through configuration, such as for doctors specialising in long appointment consultations with chronic disease patients. Our purpose-built care plan templates are designed to facilitate these GP treatments by pre-filling sections leaving only the necessary portions for GPs to complete. This both maximises GP efficiency and effectiveness.

PrimaryClinic’s Medical software seamlessly interfaces with Practice and Messaging software and can be powered by our Cloud service making it easy to setup a new practice. All of your essential medical practice software can be provided through one supplier and source simplifying any necessary support activities.

PrimaryClinic’s integrated medical practice software makes it easy for existing recipients of the PIP Digital Health Incentive (formerly eHealth Incentive) to continue compliance with the new targets as well as helping new practices become compliant:

Requirement 1: Integrating Healthcare Identifiers into Electronic Practice Records
  • Directly supported by PrimaryClinic Medical
Requirement 2: Secure Messaging Capability
  • Directly supported by PrimaryClinic Medical integration with ReferralNet with further support through PrimaryClinic Messaging
Requirement 3: Data Records and Clinical Coding
  • Directly supported by PrimaryClinic Medical’s integrated ICPC-2 PLUS coding
Requirement 4: Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions
  • Supported through PrimaryClinic Medical integration with MediSecure’s ETP
Requirement 5: My Health Record system
  • My Health Record system directly supported by PrimaryClinic Medical