Practice 2000 Upgrade to PrimaryClinic FAQ’s

Do you have questions about the upgrade from Practice 2000 to PrimaryClinic Practice?

We have provided answers to some questions you might have below.

If you still have questions after reading this, please email us and we will respond as soon as we can.

What is the cost for PrimaryClinic Practice?

The standard annual license fee per concurrent user is $550.
PrimaryClinic Practice Plus is $880 per concurrent user, per annum and allows in-patient medical claims via Eclipse.

What is a concurrent user?

Concurrent users are the number of users accessing the software at the same time i.e. concurrently. For example, if you have ten employees that use the system, but only five of them need access at the same time then you would only need five concurrent user licenses.

How do I calculate the number of concurrent users?

It is best to calculate the number of concurrent users based on your busiest day when you have the most users logged into the software. This includes any staff member, including receptionists and practice managers.

In terms of data conversion, what can I migrate to PrimaryClinic Practice?

All your data in Practice 2000 including demographics, appointments, invoices, payments and online claims will be migrated to PrimaryClinic Practice. Migrating the data will allow you to access all of your billing data in one place, negating the need to access separate software to look up historical data. PrimaryClinic Practice is the only software that has this ability.

How long does the data migration from Practice 2000 to PrimaryClinic Practice take?

This will depend on the size of your database. Large databases will take longer than smaller databases. For a tailored estimation, please contact support on

Why do I need to pay for the migration of data when you are retiring Practice 2000?

Data migration is a difficult and time-consuming task that is best performed by technical specialists who understand the ins and outs of Practice 2000 and PrimaryClinic Practice. This service will save you time, bring you the benefit of being able to access all your billing data in one software and relieve you of the worry about the loss of data. This is a worthwhile investment that we strong reccomend you make for your practice.

Is there much of a difference between Practice 2000 and PrimaryClinic Practice?

PrimaryClinic Practice offers several new and improved features to give you a more seamless user experience. The program has streamlined workflows, improved stability and enhanced multitasking.

What kind of training is available for my staff once we upgrade?

There are online tutorials for many tasks you might need help with, however further to this we can provide online or onsite training if required. The cost for this would be determined based on specific training requirements and location. Please contact support at for more information.

Will I encounter issues if I choose to keep Practice 2000?

All support for Practice 2000 will cease at the end of 2017, and as such, we won’t be able to assist rectifying any problems you have after this time. Practice 2000 is quickly becoming obsolete due to rapidly evolving market demands and new technology. In order to avoid any potential issues, we advise that you upgrade to PrimaryClinic Practice prior to December 2017.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We prefer to keep phone calls dedicated to clients in need of urgent support. We appreciate if you could please contact us via email if you have any queries about the Practice 2000 upgrade to PrimaryClinic Practice.


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