PrimaryClinic Practice Plus

PrimaryClinic Practice Plus extends the functionality of our Practice software that is already well recognised by Australian healthcare providers.
Practice Plus assists organisations employing private health practitioners with their electronic claiming from health insurers and government alike simplifying and speeding up the necessary billing and reconciliation processes.

In addition, Practice Plus can serve practices that either are still using paper medical records, or are using medical software not compliant with Australian secure messaging with the ability to receive electronic referrals and send electronic reports to and from their referrer.

Both the bookings and billing functions are becoming increasingly electronically connected with Australian government departments, health insurers, secure messaging software and online booking vendors.

Practice Plus allows your administrative staff to carry out their work efficiently whilst bringing your clinic into the modern era.

By way of example, a typical situation where this is useful is for private specialist’s rooms where specialist equipment operates well in isolation but the administrative tasks related to the handling of a patient (bookings, billing) are primarily handled at the front counter and the two functions generally do not have great overlap.

The same can be equally applicable for wellness centres, for instance, who provide health practitioner services in their consulting suites as the cornerstone of their service.

Wherever there is a need for a clinic to become compliant with the increasingly connected Australian way of healthcare provision Practice Plus software is an ideal choice.

PrimaryClinic Practice Plus is an easy-to-use and comprehensive practice management system which incorporates:

All existing PrimaryClinic Practice features

Eclipse private billing 

Secure Messaging


  • Attract new patients to your practice with integrated online booking systems such as Health Engine and 1stAvailable
  • Increase your efficiency using our new multi-tasking interface
  • Fast and easy payments with Integrated EFTPOS, Medicare EasyClaim and Tyro Healthpoint
  • Online claiming with support for Medicare, DVA and ACIR
  • Reduce claim rejections and save time by verifying multiple patient eligibility with Enterprise Patient Verification (EPV)
  • ECLIPSE Inpatient Medical Claiming (IMC) and Online Eligibility Checking (OEC)
  • National Privacy standard compliant SMS and email reminders so patients don’t miss their upcoming appointments
  • TYRO payments integrated
  • Secure Messaging via the natively integrated ReferralNet Software

PrimaryClinic Practice Plus