SMS Pack

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PrimaryClinic SMS is post-paid and charged per message sent.
Plain Character Messages
The maximum length of a plain character SMS message is 160 characters.
When a message is more than 160 characters however, 7 characters of that message and each subsequent message is required to “join” these messages, and each multiple (in this case, of 153 character messages) is counted as a separate SMS message.

Unicode Character Messages
The length of a message containing Unicode characters is shorter, with a maximum of 67 characters. When Unicode characters are used, then the maximum length of such a message is 67 characters i.e. each multiple of 67 characters will be counted as a separate message.

Unlike Unicode characters, each plain text character, i.e. those available on your standard US keyboard, only occupies one character space. Examples of Unicode characters are characters used in other (e.g. Japanese, French, Vietnamese etc) languages.

We recommend to only send plain text messages.