Dr Frank Panetta

About 6 years ago I became interested in computerising my consultant practice, and began a search for a suitable program. However, none of the existing programs available at the time satisfied my requirements. The PrimaryClinic team was prepared to look at my requirements and in collaboration with me over several months they further developed, customised and incorporated new features into the software that, in my view make PrimaryClinic Medical an outstanding program. In particular:

Categorization of documents
Many programs just load all incoming documents into the section “DOCUMENTS”, such as referral letters, reports of various tests and correspondence from other doctors etc. This is cumbersome and at times difficult to find what one is looking for. PrimaryClinic Medical was able to organise the “DOCUMENTS” into Subcategories so that I could, at the click of the mouse create subcategories … for easy retrieval (as ECGs; Medical Imaging; Nuclear tests; Echocardiograms; Holter monitoring etc). Allowing me to import specific documents into their specific category, and quickly find what I am looking for.

Synchronization of my laptop with the server
At the end of the day I am able to synchronize my laptop with the main computer in the secretary’s office, so that all the work done by the secretary on the day, and what I have entered on my laptop, is fully synchronized. Allowing me to have access to all details when I am out of the office. We could [also] leave the server on and access the server remotely, but I prefer not to use this facility.

Provision for importing movies
I can import AVI files of patient procedures such as Coronary Angiograms, Echocardiograms etc., straight into the patient’s DOCUMENT category.

Summary of important events
A summary is displayed on the front page, providing a quick summary of past history.

In all, I am very pleased with PrimaryClinic Medical, and the current prompt support. Highly recommend it.”

Enrich Clinic

“We had been using Practice 2000 since 2002 and had a good relationship with the Practice 2000 team. When we heard they were developing a clinical software to run alongside the Practice Management Software we were happy to move away from the provider we were using at the time.

Our Practice Manager preferred to stay with the same company as the two programs (practice management and clinical) would be linked. PrimaryClinic had in the past helped us modify the practice software to suit the needs of our clinic, even though these functions were not necessarily required by other clients.

We like that we can upload photos, name them and modify text for photos to suit the procedure name. We like that we can send copies of photos to patients by attaching a copy of the photo easily. Finally, we like that the medical software is linked to the practice software.

We feel confident that Joseph and the team understands our clinic’s needs and has always happily helped us with enquiries and education.”


Doris De Silva
Practice Manager
Family Medical Practice, East Bentleigh

“We appreciate the service and quality assistance given by Global Health over the years.

We have no hesitation to refer Global Health’s quality service to other practices.

We give a 5-star rating to the service they provide.
Thank you to Global Health for their help and support.”


Dr Julia Feutrill
Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Specialist
Elizabeth Clinic

“PrimaryClinic was recommended by a colleague.

We feel like we get a personalised service.  We have been able to make changes to the software to suit our purposes and any troubles have been dealt with promptly and professionally.

PrimaryClinic is easy to use and adaptable – it is more than adequate for what we need. The support staff are polite, professional and competent.”


Cockatoo Family Medical Practice

“I found PrimaryClinic very efficient, simple and comfortable.

Having used a number of major medical software programs, PrimaryClinic is by far the most user friendly Medical Software on the market that I have encountered.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending PrimaryClinic to all doctors as it is in my opinion, definitely superior to the rest.”


Practice Manager
Hillscene Family Medical Centre

“Staff members are very helpful and patient and do attend to all calls in a timely manner. In most cases you do get prompt service.”