The hidden costs of maintaining a DIY practice server

Like many other healthcare providers out there, the only time you worry about your practice’s IT is when it’s not working and then this changes everything.

In the past, moving from physical patient records to an internal server was a huge step in the right direction with many benefits. However, as healthcare IT advances and costs escalate for maintaining an internal server this is no longer the case.


Work from home is the new norm

COVID-19 has changed how many healthcare providers operate their practice, particularly those affected by lock-down. Work patterns and clinics have evolved to working remotely as the principal way of doing business.

The legacy software you have in place is no longer giving you the flexibility you require or is it the most cost and time-effective solution to running your practice.

To enable you and your staff to work from home while also reducing costs and improving efficiencies, clinicians are looking to fully outsource to cloud solutions.


Escalating costs of in-house maintenance
Staff familiarity with legacy systems might be slowing the move to cloud services, but is it worth it in the long-run? Have you considered the costs associated with:
  1. A lack of appropriate knowledge of firewalls and security
  2. Insufficient licensed software i.e Microsoft Licensing for remote access
  3. Personal attention required from time-poor clinicians
  4. Hardware costs i.e multiple servers, racks, back-up etc.
  5. Operating costs i.e time, effort, computer room space, A/C etc.


So, why else should you be using Cloud Hosting

Apart from the substantial reduction in maintenance and operating costs, as well as the reduced time and effort involved, a Cloud Hosting solution offers healthcare professionals the flexibility to enable a work from home environment.


Altitude Cloud – Cloud Management Made Simple


PrimaryClinic Medical and Practice software can be instantly hosted on a cloud platform for your convenience.

Have your data maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited Australian data centre, while also remaining accessible anytime, anywhere.

Altitude Cloud manages your practice and patient data and maintains the day-to-day operations of your software.


The benefits of Altitude Cloud Hosting

What is Altitude Cloud Hosting?

PrimaryClinic software using Altitude Cloud is hosted in a Tier 1 Australian Data Centre. Cloud Hosting makes it possible to not only hold more information but to do it at a lower cost. The flexible service is scalable to your needs. You only pay for what you use which results in significant savings.

Healthcare providers can access the infrastructure, software, and data on-demand over an internet connection. There is no need to host, develop, or maintain your PrimaryClinic software as this will be managed by the Altitude Cloud Hosting experts.

Enquire about Altitude Cloud


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