User Guides

1. Software GuideView PDF
2. Online Claiming GuideView PDF
3. Electronic TAC ClaimsView PDF
4. PrimaryClinic MBS updates and new fees guideView PDF
5. Customising the Main Screen and Menus GuideView PDF
6. How to Customise Invoices, Receipts and Statements GuideView PDF
7. How to Send SMS Appointment Reminders GuideView PDF
8. Adding an Alternative Appointment Schedule GuideView PDF
9. Creating and Editing Recurring Appointments GuideView PDF
10. How to Create an SMS-Email Template GuideView PDF

Login Screen and Main Menu

1. Login Screen and Main MenuWatch Tutorial

Appointment Book

1. Creating a New AppointmentWatch Tutorial
2. Creating a New Appointment TypeWatch Tutorial
3. Creating a Recurring AppointmentWatch Tutorial
4. Creating a Double BookingWatch Tutorial
5. Appointment SchedulingWatch Tutorial
6. Editing an Existing AppointmentWatch Tutorial
7. Cancelling an AppointmentWatch Tutorial
8. Deleting a Recurring AppointmentWatch Tutorial

Brief Guide – Patient Journey

1. Brief Guide – Patient JourneyWatch Tutorial


1. How to Create an Immunisation RecordWatch Tutorial
2. How to Create an Immunisation Record from MedinetWatch Tutorial

Invoices & Receipts

1. How to invoice a bulk bill patient from the invoice screenWatch Tutorial
2. How to invoice a bulk bill patient from the waiting roomWatch Tutorial
3. How to Invoice a Private Patient from the Invoice ScreenWatch Tutorial

Online Claiming

1. How to Process Enterprise VerificationWatch Tutorial
2. How to Process Online Patient VerificationWatch Tutorial
3. How to Submit a Bulk Bill Claim to MedicareWatch Tutorial

Patient Demographics

1. Archiving and Retrieving a PatientWatch Tutorial
2. Registering a New PatientWatch Tutorial

Secure Messaging

1. Sending Clinical Documents As A Secure MessageWatch Tutorial