Personal health records

Conduct patient recall reminders and encourage your patients to better manage their health with Lifecard

Enable your patients to take control of their health!

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Upload clinical documents directly to your patients Lifecard account to help them better monitor their ongoing health conditions.

Lifecard’s native integration allows PrimaryClinic users to upload key documents direct to a patient’s Lifecard personal health record. From there, patient’s can share their health records with additional care providers and next of kin, and monitor their ongoing health conditions.

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Promote a connected health experience

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Upload clinical documents with Lifecard

Upload, view and share
clinical documents

Lifecard allows users to upload, view and share their clinical documents

Send patient recall reminders with Lifecard

Send patient recall

Send patient recall reminders directly to your patients Lifecard accounts

Enable a connect health experience with Lifecard

Enable a connected
health experience

Enable your patients to connect all aspects of their health

With the Lifecard Personal Health Records platform


Allow your patients to measure their health and track their progress

Health records

Easily access your patient's Lifecard account and let them share their health records

Connected health

Allow your patients to capture health data from multiple sources within one application

Why upload to Lifecard?

Upload patient information to your patient’s Lifecard account to ensure continuity of care when they share their information with secondary care providers.

Enable patient recall notifications when you send reminders to a patient’s Lifecard account, allowing for recall notifications straight to your patient’s smartphone device.

Enjoy a connected health experience when you access your patients share health information. View past medical history, medications, health conditions and more with Lifecard.

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