PrimaryClinic Medical

We provide clinics all across Australia with comprehensive practice management and medical software. Our platform can support numerous add-ons to provide the best full-service solution for Australian conditions.

PrimaryClinic Medical is used by hundreds of health care providers some of which include: dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, general surgeons, geriatricians, paediatricians, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, oncologists, respiratory physicians, pain specialists, rehabilitation specialists, WorkCover providers and GP clinics. Our patient records encompass features such as recording notes, accessing past medical history, allergies and other important patient information.

The benefits of using PrimaryClinic Medical software

Easily find patient notes and documents with the software’s in-built extensive search function including documents and letters.

Implement an effective workflow, specially designed for reviewing and approving transcribed letters before they’re sent.

Process and store images, X-rays, scanned documents and voice recordings.

Use a flexible template system making it easy to use and extend over time.

Prescribe electronically using MIMS drug database with regular online updates. Analyse drug-drug interaction and more advanced drug-health and drug-allergy interactions.

Set security for different levels of access, useful for multi-disciplinary practices.

Receives Pathology and or Radiology results in HL7 format.

Use secure messaging via seamless integration with ReferralNet, enabling providers to communicate with both ReferralNet and Argus recipients.

Integrate with My Health Record (formerly PCEHR).

Share information with your patients via Lifecard.

Integrate with Doctor’s Control Panel (DCP) software.

Support electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP) via MediSecure.