Important! Practice 2000 upgrade and Support contact information

Dear Valued Customer,

Please read carefully as we have four important announcements to make.

1) Practice 2000 to Pracnet upgrade
· To provide you with our best and latest product offering, our team will gradually contact you to upgrade to Pracnet. If you’d like to be upgraded sooner please contact us to register your interest at
· As Practice 2000 will be upgraded, this year we will no longer send out the Practice 2000 CD with the annual update and latest MBS schedule fees. You can, however download latest Practice 2000 update and schedule fees from
· If you wish to install Practice 2000 on new computers please contact us at

2) Windows 10 Compatibility
Pracnet and Medinet is now compatible with Windows 10 Operating System.

3) Best way to contact Support
For Support please email the details of your request to the relevant email address below:

4) Abaki phone number retirement
The Abaki phone number will beretired as of 1 December 2015.
For telephone enquiries please call 1300 723 938.
In the near future we’ll have a new interactive telephone menu so you can be put through to the relevant product support representative.

If you have any questions please call 1300 723 938.
Note: We are aware that you have previously elected to not receive any correspondence, however this is an important notice that we believe in your best interest. To re-subscribe please reply to this email with a note to confirm your re-subscription.

Kind regards,
Joseph Vu
Product Manager


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