Medicare Benefits Schedule Update from 1 July

It’s already the middle of the year! We have a lot of important news to share with you, such as the July Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) update, the fee TAC rebate extension period and the benefits of cloud hosting for automatic updates and backups.

From the 1st of July 2018, a 1.5% increase will apply to standard General Practice consultations (GP attendances in MBS group A1), specialist attendances, and the GP bulk billing incentive items.

More information can be found on Medicare Benefits Schedule website.

The PrimaryClinic team is working on the latest MBS update and will be releasing the new fees on our website closer to July 1st. You will receive an email when this becomes ready.

When ready, you will be able to apply the new Medicare Benefits Schedule fees to your local system. In advance, click the link below to download the PDF and follow the step by step instructions, this will also be available on the PrimaryClinic website.

Download the PDF

The PrimaryClinic team can help you with the Medicare Benefits Schedule Update for a professional fee of $220. Email us to book a time.

Email Us

Electronic TAC Claiming is here!

Electronic TAC claiming is extremely easy to set up.

Several practices have activated the Electronic TAC Claim feature as it was publicly available in May. It is encouraging to see our clients reaping the benefits from our work with LanternPay. The TAC’s digital point-of-sale solution cuts out paperwork and provides instant invoice confirmation and next day payment. The feedback has been very positive and we are confident all clients will benefit from this feature.

LanternPay has an extended the fee rebate period to 30 September 2018. Follow the user guide to receive the benefits below:

  • Confirm if a TAC client is eligible for accident related services.
  • Easily create and submit claims electronically.
  • Receive instant confirmation that claims have been approved.
  • Get paid by the TAC for approved claims the next business day.

You will find the TAC Claim Guide on our website and will be able to download the PDF.

Download the TAC Claim Guide

Backups and Upgrades with Cloud Hosting

There are many benefits to hosting PrimaryClinic on the cloud. Cloud hosting can provide you with the security and flexibility to update your PrimaryClinic software and backup your data.

Data security and integrity is an important issue in the healthcare industry and we want to make sure you minimise the risk of data loss.

If you are using an on-premise version of PrimaryClinic here are some key steps you should follow:

  • Back up your data frequently.
  • Make sure your backup is stored in several locations including off-site servers.
  • Make sure you regularly test your backups and make sure they are in good condition.
  • If applicable; make arrangements with your IT service provider to ensure they undertake a regular data backup.

Host your PrimaryClinic software on our cloud and we can provide you with seamless updates, backups and support. Contact us about hosting PrimaryClinic on the cloud.

Contact us about Cloud Hosting

SMS is the best way to remind your patients.

Did you know you can buy SMS packs directly from our online shop:

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