MediNet clinical system and ReferralNet secure messaging join forces

With Global Health’s recent acquisition of Abaki products, our journey to becoming the leading Australian healthcare product vendor for primary, secondary and allied health is beginning to take shape.

The first step in this transition can be seen in Global Health’s new release of the MediNet clinical system which will be tightly integrated with ReferralNet secure messaging. This new release significantly eases address book management activities which are critical for the electronic referral and reporting cycle.

Global Health is now the only Australian product vendor offering products that look after healthcare provider’s needs from generating clinical secure messages through to delivery. By simplifying the address book management process we expect to see greater electronic delivery success and increased usage.

Further to this, we will be looking to simplify the template management (creation and modification) processes. Look out for this in forthcoming releases.

Sign up to ReferralNet for FREE
New ReferralNet users can sign up to a FREE account. You may send and receive up to 50 messages per annum. Once you’ve reached your limit you can subscribe to the paid version via the Global Health shop.

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What do I get?

Free installation and maintenance of ReferralNet Secure Messaging
Free helpdesk support
Free to send and receive messages from other ReferralNet users until a total of 50 messages have been processed
You may extend your subscription by paying a flat annual fee

For more information contact Global Health at or call 1300 723 938.

Note: By registering to the ReferralNet network you will be added to the global ReferralNet address book and may exchange messages with other users. ReferralNet messaging purchases are subject to the ReferralNet Terms and Conditions.


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