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PrimaryClinic Medical is now on the Conformance Register for Electronic Prescribing

E-prescriptions have been introduced to improve medicine safety and streamline the process of prescriptions. The Australian Government’s Electronic Prescribing Conformance Register aims to show which companies conform to their framework and comply with government legislation.

PrimaryClinic Medical is a clinical software used by GPs and Specialists to manage patient notes and clinical documents securely and prescribe electronically. The Patient records encompass features such as recording notes, accessing past medical history, allergies and other important patient information.

PrimaryClinic Medical now supports all three forms of prescribing including traditional paper, image-based and electronic prescribing.

PrimaryClinic Medical provides electronic prescribing through a token-based approach where patients and dispensers (pharmacies) access the ePrescription for any given medicine via a unique token each time it is dispensed. Depending on what is convenient to your patient this provides ample opportunity for everyone to get on board with ePrescriptions.

ePrescribing will improve the overall experience of prescribing, giving GPs and patients greater flexibility, greater support for Telehealth, and it will provide pharmacies the opportunity to implement remote delivery services.

“The introduction of our electronic prescribing workflow is one more step towards PrimaryClinic Medical becoming the most digital health compliant and complete medical software on the market. We plan to integrate the token-based ePrescriptions with Global Health’s Lifecard personal health record in the second half of 2021. This will enable patient to manage all their medications and receive communications from their local clinics from one central point.” Hosi Stankovic, Operational Unit Manager of Global Health’s PrimaryClinic

There are many benefits associated with electronic prescriptions. By using this feature within PrimaryClinic your practice can:

  • It may reduce prescribing and dispensing errors
  • Remove the need for handling and storing a physical paper prescription
  • Supports digital health services such as telehealth services to ensure continuity of patient care
  • Provides an opportunity to protect community members and health care providers from exposure to infectious diseases (for example, COVID-19)
  • Maintains patient privacy and integrity of personal information.

To be placed on the conformance register, software is subject to observed testing to ensure it is compliant with the standards set out by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

PrimaryClinic Medical is committed to support the future of healthcare going digital. Being a part of the Electronic Prescribing Conformance Register is a step in the right direction towards a more connected healthcare system across Australia.

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