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We are building and improving practices with PrimaryClinic Practice and Medical. We would like to inform you of the new features in our PrimaryClinic software, as well as share some news about recent and future events that we are involved in.

AAPM The Magic of Practice Management 2017 Conference

PrimaryClinic and ReferralNet will be exhibiting at the Magic of Practice Management 2017 Conference held by the Australian Association of Practice Management.

We are looking forward to the action-packed program that is focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare management for better patient outcomes. We look forward to meeting Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and Healthcare managers who contribute to the high quality of health services in Australia.

The conference will be held from the 24th-27th October in the Crown Conference Centre in Perth.

AMA Build Your Practice 2017 Conference

In late September we exhibited at the Build Your Practice 2017 Conference held by the Australian Medical Association.

It was a fantastic event with education and industry networking opportunities for General Practitioners, Specialists and other Healthcare professionals planning to build and improve their private practice.

Share our ‘Build Your Practice’ checklist if you know someone looking to start their own private practice.

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New Features

1. Default duration per appointment type

Set up default lengths for each appointment type according to your doctor’s preference so you don’t have to memorise or look up instruction while receiving bookings.

2. Send scanned or imported documents securely via ReferralNet

Save time and money – you no longer have to print and post or fax to other healthcare providers. (letter sending is available in previous versions)

3. Bookmark in email subject

Email invoices to patients or health insurers such as WorkCover and TAC with complete information in both email subject and body. All relevant information is auto populated via bookmarks setup on your email templates. This feature saves you time, as you don’t have to go back and forth fixing mistaken or missing information.

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Electronic TAC Claims

We would like to extend a big thank you to clients who submitted their interest in Electronic TAC claims.

We will commence development in the next few weeks and expect to have this feature ready in PrimaryClinic Practice within the next 3 months. If you are interested but haven’t filled in the form, please do so via the button below and we will be in touch.

Fill in the TAC claims form

Fees for November 2017

Medicare, WorkCover, TAC and a number of Health Funds have started releasing new fees for November 2017. All PrimaryClinic Practice users will receive an email about the update when it is ready. If you are still using Practice 2000, please contact us to upgrade to PrimaryClinic Practice so you can update the new fees.

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Our Product Specialist, Belinda Czosnek is no longer handling support with PrimaryClinic, so please email for all your support related matters.

PrimaryClinic Practice otherwise known as Pracnet.

PrimaryClinic Medical otherwise known as Medinet.


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