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The optimum solution that helps your practice see your patients end-to-end in their healthcare journey.

Build your practice to optimise your workflow

PrimaryClinic supports GPs, specialists and allied health professionals by increasing efficiency and convenience at each step of your patients’ journey.

PrimaryClinic Practice and Medical Management

To create a streamlined healthcare journey and deliver better patient outcomes our practice and medical management software share the same patient demographic so there are no synchronisation errors.

Support in-practice billing, receipting and claiming as well as access to clinical notes, prescription writing with MIMS and electronic referrals.

Fast and easy payments with integrated EFTPOS, Medicare Easy Claim and Tyro Health Point.

SMS reminders
Send SMS reminders that are compliant with national privacy standard and helps reduce no-shows.

Comprehensive search
Easily find patient notes, documents and letters with the software’s in-built extensive search function.

Custom user access
Set security for different levels of access, particularly useful for multi-disciplinary team-based practices.

ReferralNet for Secure Messaging

Save time and money on referrals and other paper-based communication with ReferralNet. Securely and efficiently communicate with other healthcare providers from your clinical system.

Our platform allows you to track and report all secure messages between general practitioners, specialists, allied health, hospitals and diagnostics.

SMD compliant
ReferralNet is one of the few vendors that meet Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards.

ReferralNet is two-way interoperable with Argus so you can communicate with more healthcare providers.

Custom templates
Access and create templates for your most-used clinical documents and clinical notes for efficient communication.

Tracking and reporting
Inbuilt features include the ability to customise send and receive notifications and activity reporting.

HotHealth for Patient Engagement

HotHealth is more than just a website, it is your practice online.
Fully integrated with PrimaryClinic, HotHealth allows you to take control of your appointment bookings and ownership of your client information.

Online bookings
Give your patients the choice of online appointment bookings for their convenience and reduce administrative tasks.

Offer video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face consultation to overcome multiple inconvenience factors.

Custom forms
Replace traditional paper and PDF forms such as pre-screening or registration forms by having patients fill them out online.

Data ownership
Data used on your website is sent securely to your PrimaryClinic database, allowing you to protect and own your patient information.

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See how we can help you

  • MIMS drug prescribing
  • Doctor's Control Panel
  • AIR submission
  • Medicare, DVA and TAC claiming
  • Health fund online claims
  • My Health Record ready
  • Send and receive referrals
  • Supports hand written notes
  • Side by side image viewing