Online Bookings, DVA Fees Update, Safe Script

Online bookings are a great way to increase appointment volumes, improve patient satisfaction and reduce administrative requirements. A recent study by CBA showed that 89% of patients have a preference for booking appointments online.

As such, we are adding online bookings to PrimaryClinic. We would love for you to tell us what you think about online appointment bookings. Please complete this quick survey to tell us how an online booking solution should look for you and your patients.

Tell us what you think

Take control of your online appointment bookings and link this feature with your own PrimaryClinic Practice system. Your patients or staff can book and schedule appointments directly from their phone, computer or laptop. Your practice managers can tailor the appointment availability times to suit your clinic’s hours. The platform gives you the option to take payments from users upon booking the appointment.

Ask us how we can set up online bookings for your practice and have it sync with your appointment books in PrimaryClinic today.

Email us for online appointment booking

TAC has extended their fee rebate period to 30 September 2018. This means you can submit TAC claims and receive payments for free. Follow our instruction to activate the feature to receive these benefits:

  • Confirm if a TAC client is eligible for accident related services.
  • Easily create and submit claims electronically.
  • Receive instant confirmation that claims have been approved.
  • Get paid by the TAC for approved claims the next business day.

Download the TAC claims guide

DVA Fees Update for July
The latest DVA fees update of July 2018 is now available on our website. The process to apply the new DVA fees to your local PrimaryClinic Practice system is the same as the MBS update process, you can do it yourself by following the instructions on our website.

Please note, you don’t need to do this update if you completed the MBS update on or after 14 July 2018

Apply DVA Fees update

If you want us to take care of the whole process for you, a professional fee of $220 GST inclusive applies. Email us to make a booking.

Regulatory change regarding SafeScript for Victorian clients

The Victorian Government is taking action to reduce the increasing harm associated with high-risk prescription medicines by implementing SafeScript, Victoria’s real-time prescription monitoring system.

Effective from 2 July 2018, SafeScript requires prescribers to include the patient’s date of birth on all prescriptions for medicines monitored through the system. More information can be found on SafeScript website.

If you are using PrimaryClinic Medical (previously known as Medinet), you can enable the printing of DOB on prescriptions under Settings/Global options/Rx/Print DOB on Prescriptions. Just make sure the parameter is turned to ‘True’ like the screenshot below:

Want us to back up your data, perform software and MBS fee updates for you at no extra fee?

These services come with cloud hosting at no extra charge. Contact us about hosting PrimaryClinic on the cloud.Contact us about Cloud Hosting

SMS is the best way to remind your patients

SMS is the best way to send appointment reminders and reduce missed appointments.
Did you know you can buy SMS packs directly from our online shop?

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