Medicare Benefits Schedule Fees Update

Medicare Benefits Schedule Fees Update
File: Item Rates (14.9MB)

Last updated: 13/11/19
Description: Schedule fees latest update for PrimaryClinic Practice

Latest Fees Update List is as follows:

MP – Medibank2019-Nov
STL – St Lukes2019-Nov

–        Login PrimaryClinic Practice under Admin ( Any computer, workstation or server )
If you would like to update fees manually, the steps are as follows:

Instruction to update fees automatically:

–        Instruction to update MBS and Health Fund fees automatically can be download here.

–        Go to Setup -> Fee Schedules -> Fee Schedule Setting
–        Select your schedule type you want to update, click Edit
–        In Fee Schedule Details window, go to tab Items, then:

    *If your item(s) exists in the list already:

  • You can select item you want to update, click Edit (If the list is long, you can search for item by typing item number in Code field, click Find)
  • In Item Rate Details window, you can change the value in Fee field to the latest amount
  • Click Save to complete the change

    *If your item(s) doesn’t exist in the list (You can search the item if the list is long):

  • You can click New to add your new item
  • Input item number in Code field, input amount of item in Fee field
  • Click Save to close

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