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One of PriumaryClinic’s major priorities is enabling your practice to quickly receive payment for the care you provide your patients. This is what drives our team to continuously work on special initiative projects that benefit your practice and patients.

We encourage you to take advantage of our integration project with LanternPay to enable electronic TAC claims, which is on the last leg of its pilot stage. The TAC has extended the LanternPayfee free period until 18th May 2018.

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The TAC has extended their LanternPay fee-free period for another six weeks, ending 18 May. This is a great opportunity for clients using PrimaryClinic Practice to try the feature. If you are interested, click the button below to sign up.

PrimaryClinic is delighted to announce our integration with LanternPay – a faster, more convenient way providers transact with TAC.

From your PrimaryClinic you will be able to:

  • Confirm if a TAC client is eligible for accident related services.
  • Easily create and submit claims
  • Receive instant confirmation that claims have been approved.
  • Get paid by the TAC for approved claims the next business day.

If you are interested is submitting TAC claims online then be sure to join our pilot project and register your interest below.

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Read our online tutorial to see the complete electronic TAC Claim workflow.

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The latest MBS and Health Fund fees update

Updates for the various Health Fund fees have been made available on our website.  You can apply these new fees to your local system by following the instructions on the webpage. The fees included are:

HBF 2018-Mar
Medicare 2018-Mar
DVA 2018-Mar
BUPA 2018-Mar
HCF 2018-Mar
NIB 2018-Mar
WorkCover-VIC 2018-Mar
ADF 2018-Apr
STL – St Lukes 2018-Mar

Fees update

April 2018 vaccine update for upcoming flu season

Both PrimaryClinic Practice 1.4.5 and PrimaryClinic Clinical 3.3.7 have been updated with the latest vaccine codes from Medicare. The change to the current vaccine codes includes the addition of three influenza vaccine code edits for Fluad, Influvac Tetra and Fluzone High-Dose which will be available in Australia for the 2018 flu season. Please note you can record flu vaccines along with other adult vaccines on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) via PrimaryClinic Practice. Instructions can be found on page 26 of the PrimaryClinic Practice online claiming guide which can be accessed via the button below:

Online claiming guide


Secure video conferencing technology forms an integral part of our digital solutions for the healthcare industry. We would like to invite you to give your patients access to your services from anywhere by providing them with the ultimate alternative to in-person consultations. 


Thanks to advances in technology, GPs, Specialists and Allied Health providers are no longer limited to solely helping patients who are physically present in their rooms or practices.

By incorporating Global Health’s secure teleconferencing service into your practice offering, patients can have access to your valued services anytime, anywhere!

The platform is not only secure by Australian telehealth standards but it is also convenient and can be easily accessed (by provider and patient) via computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Have you seen this button?

PrimaryClinic Software \

Did you know that this is our Lifecard button?

Lifecard is a tool allows you to securely send health documents, measurements and results to your patients’ Lifecard account directly from your PrimaryClinic software.

Making use of this button will not only help to improve the quality of patient care but it will also empower your patients to take charge of their health from a holistic view.

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