PrimaryClinic Medical: MIMS Update

PrimaryClinic Medical: MIMS August 2019 Update File: Update-mims.exe (623MB) Last updated: 31/07/2019 Description: PrimaryClinic Medical MIMS latest version The latest MIMS update for PrimaryClinic Medical is now available. How to …

Medicare Benefits Schedule Fees Update

Medicare Benefits Schedule Fees Update File: Item Rates (14.9MB) Last updated: 05/07/19 Description: Schedule fees latest update for PrimaryClinic Practice Latest Fees Update List is as follows: ADF 2019-Jan AHSA 2019-Jul BUPA 2019-Jul …

HIC Online Java hot fix

HIC Online Java hot fix File: flush_env.exe (34K) Last updated: 12/8/15 Description: Fixes problem that ceases Online claiming feature due to update of third party software/Java/Windows

HIC Online 6.12

HIC Online 6.12 File: Prhic612.exe (29.9MB) Last updated: 12/8/15 Description: Enables online claiming module on PrimaryClinic Practice

PrimaryClinic Medical Backup/Restoration Tool

PrimaryClinic Medical Backup/Restoration Tool File: Medinetmanagersetup.exe (14.9MB) Last updated: 15/7/15 Description: Database management tool to restore/back up database of PrimaryClinic Medical + Practice 2000 + Drug data Medinetmanagersetup.exe Click Start, …